Learning Technology Team Lead – Research In Motion

Dec ‘08 – May ’12
Waterloo, ON

  • Planning and management of blackberry.com training internal and external web application development.
  • Reporting and analysis of blackberry.com training usage.
  • Interview and work with multiple groups within RIM and external clients to develop and deploy scalable portal and training solutions.
  • Leveraged new technologies to reduce production time of portal development by roughly 50% while delivering a stronger product.
  • Planning, installation, and management of servers for housing and maintaining various business applications.
  • Developed and implemented file management strategies.
  • Review and provide feedback on team deliverables.
  • Lead various projects, managing both developer and designer resources.
  • Lead team knowledge functions and team building exercises.
  • Applicant review and interviewing for various team positions.
  • Regularly meet at the executive level to resource plan for future product release and to meet company-wide
  • Continue to perform tasks as outlined under Web Solutions Developer.


Web Solutions Developer – Research In Motion

Apr ‘07 – Dec ‘08
Waterloo, ON

  • Interviewed stakeholders to gather data and process in preparation of business requirements.
  • Developed and deployed applications that closed gaps while reducing data inconsistencies and redundancy.
  • Revised and documented existing applications to meet critical business needs while monitoring and reporting on usage.
  • Developed best-practices and processes for designers and developers.
  • Development of Rich Internet Applications and various Web Service technologies including ASP.NET, Java, and PHP to deliver and manage real time data.
  • Built strong relationships with various internal and external clients including Multimedia and Communications teams where in a 1.5 year period we delivered 30+ projects.
  • Work with Global Business Operations to review and revise portal development practices to meet corporate standards.
  • Research and plan for future technology implementation such as RIM’s e-Collaboration platform.
  • Continue to work with RIM IT on requirements for streaming media delivery with in the organization.
  • Manage project specifications, timelines, and stakeholder communications for multiple concurrent projects.
  • Implementation of UAT strategies for large scale projects.
  • Participate and lead team based functions such as knowledge shares and team building exercises.


Co-Founder – indieBiz Ltd.

Dec ‘00 – Dec ‘06
Sarnia, ON

  • A multi-faceted role with in a full service marketing firm combining web development, graphic design, and print services.
  • Created and implemented all processes related to stakeholder communication.
  • Developed and applied specifications for web and print management from design to delivery.
  • Continuously reviewed and evolved processes to increase ROI and client satisfaction.
  • Hired, trained, and managed a staff of 15+ web developers and graphic designers.
  • Regularly met with staff one on one and as a group to discuss projects and performance.
  • Managed project specifications, resources, and timelines.
  • Met with clients regularly to plan for current and future business needs.
  • Consulted with outside resources on behalf of clients to bridge technical gaps.
  • Represented the company with in the community – Chamber of Commerce, non-profit organizations including Canada Day Committee, and MADD Canada.